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Macy Herrera

Singer - Actor - Performer

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   Hi friends! My name is Macy Herrera (she/her), I am 23 years old and am currently based in New York. I graduated from Sam Houston State University and received my BFA in Musical Theatre with an emphasis in Acting/ Directing. 

   I began my journey as an artist through family jam sessions! I came from a home where music was apart of everyday life and it has stuck with me ever since.

   As a theatre artist, I believe hearts can be softened and lives can be changed through storytelling. Whether that is presenting an uncomfortable theme; or producing an escape through a giant musical number. We have been given the opportunity, talent, and capability to effect people in a very special way. I see our occupation less as a way to fame or personal gain, but more as a way to value, nurture and invite all people. 


Beep me if you wanna reach me!


Based in:

Houston, TX 77340

Tel: 469.337.3026

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